Hiking at Finca Santa Lucía

Finca Santa Lucía is an ecological finca categorized as a natural reserve. It offers lush nature, serene views of El Salvadors landscape and beautiful hiking trails of different difficulties.

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Bambú Hike

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 3 hours (120 minute hike + 20 minute picnic break + 40 minute lunch)

Price: $30 per person // $55 including transportation

Next tour: 26th of May @ 10:00 (please reserve at least 24 hours before)

Stand in awe below a “cathedral” of giant bamboos.


  • Breathtaking giant bamboos 
  • Guided tours in English & Spanish 
  • Close to Surf City (50 minutes) and San Salvador (20 minutes)
  • Lush tropical jungle & cool weather
  • Unique views 1.200 meters above sea level
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks are included 

Book now by calling +503-6064-8991 or contacting us via fincastlucia@gmail.com

Reservations only valid after payment. 

Tanque de Agua Hike

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 60 minute hike

A hike for everyone! This gorgeous trail takes you to some of the best views of our finca and ends at an old natural water tank. Experience 100-year old pine trees, breathtaking views and perfect climate.

Amate Hike

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Duration: 120 minute hike + 30 minute picnic break

Our longest hike. Walk along the same trail of the “Tanque de agua” hike but for longer and with a different destination. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and indulge in a 30 minute picnic break at the enormous Amate tree before heading back. 

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